Demand for street clean-up in port centre

John Gray on St Peter's Place, Fleetwood, where rubbish frequently blows onto the street.
John Gray on St Peter's Place, Fleetwood, where rubbish frequently blows onto the street.

A Fleetwood town centre trader has called for more frequent street clean-ups in the face of regular build-ups of litter and rubbish near his business and his home.

John Gray, who runs Lords Deli on Lord Street, says household rubbish regularly spills out onto St Peter’s Place, where he lives.

He says there is a similar problem down the alley on the rear of St Peter’s Place, which is also behind his sandwich and hot food shop.

Mr Gray says the problem, which he says is caused by residents in nearby flats having no wheelybins to put their rubbish bags in, poses an environmental hazard and creates a bad impression on the town.

He said: “St Peter’s Place is a lovely street, right opposite St Peter’s Church and the churchyard.

“But at least once a week it ends up being covered in litter and bits of household rubbish – it’s disgraceful really.

“The bags get taken out and eventually seagulls, cats or even people rip through them.

“Bin collections are every two weeks, so there is plenty of time for the rubbish to blow around the street.

“It’s a similar things with the alley, which gets even more rubbish.

“I think there should be more clean-up patrols from Wyre Council, I cannot see why they can’t get a couple of lads to just tidy up the litter every couple of days, like they used to a decade ago.

“If it’s down to cost-cuting it seems to me that it is very short-sighted.”

A spokeswoman for Wyre Council commented: “Officers will engage with the residents of St Peters Place to ensure they use the purple sacks provided and are aware when and where they should put out their bags to prevent scavenging and nuisance issues.

“We will also inspect discarded bags to identify where the rubbish is coming from and undertake checks on how businesses are disposing of their waste.”