Dawn’s sideline is a sparkling gem of an idea

Dawn Collins
Dawn Collins

Mum Dawn Collins is hoping she has found a real gem of a new line of work.

Dawn, who lives in Cleveleys, with her husband Michael and six-year-old daughter Melissa, works part-time at a local advertising magazine, and has now started running a business from home as well.

Both jobs allow her work around being a busy mum – she can drop off and pick up Melissa from school, something she says “is a massive luxury, something I would never want to trade in.”

Her business MummyandMebeads provides affordable jewellery with a special theme. Her silver beads have the theme of family, and she also has a ‘luxe’ range, which is a selection of glamorous, jewelled beads, as well as range of bracelets.

They can be put together to form beautiful, snake-style bracelets – along similar lines to a Pandora bracelet.

Dawn said: “I’d been looking for something based from home, to generate a little extra income. I enjoy wearing jewellery, Pandora beads, in particular. I like to treat myself to one for my birthday, or a special occasion.

“Not everyone can afford £50 for a bracelet, or £20 to £30 per bead, so I looked into being able to offer a cheaper alternative, for those who might want to still enjoy a similar piece of jewellery – for a fraction of the cost.

“I have a lovely selection of silver beads, which all have the theme of Mummy, daughter or family.

“All the beads are available to purchase online, at a very affordable cost of £5 each.

“And there is a luxe collection, which offers a selection of glamorous jewelled beads.

“I also have a second home-based business, which offers a rhodium-plating service for white gold rings.

For more details, visit www.mummyandmebeads.co.uk, www.facebook.com/mummyandmebeads or www.facebook.com/rhodidodirhodiumplating