David and Goliath rumpus as TK Maxx issue threat

Your opinion was split when it came to a Blackpool businessman which tried to bend the rules when it came to naming his shop.

Monday, 19th June 2017, 11:30 am
Updated Monday, 19th June 2017, 12:54 pm
Mark Brooks with the legal letter from TK Maxx

Mark Brooks says he opened his store – called P K Max – on the Promenade at Easter in a bid to help rejuvenate an area of empty shops.

Retail giant T K Maxx has said the name of Mark Yates’ store, P K Max, is too similar.

Mark, 44, says he cannot afford to become involved in a legal battle and will have to come up with another name.

While some have you had sympathy for him, others suggested he knew full well he was sailing too close to the wind.

Here’s your thoughts...

First thing I saw was a resemblance to TK Maxx’s logo. Similar to the Tiger Tiger on Blackpool Road.

I couldn’t believe it when that place opened and I notice they have had to adjust the name slightly to Tiger vs Tiger.

Are people really this dim?


A multi million international chain feels threatened by a small business in South Shore?

Hardly David and Goliath, is it? Get a grip, TK Maxx.


We have people running businesses with this sort of mentality.

There was another one round the corner last year, doing the London underground signage.

Why can’t people just use there name like the old days?


Seriously what was the guy thinking?

If he’d just sought advice from anyone with the tiniest of braincells they would have told him he wouldn’t get away with.

Just for the record I’m not on anyone;s side but if you understood the process of going through logo and branding design you’d understand the costs


Not to worry mate.

You can open a chippy and call it Harry Ramsgate.


Blackpool has always had tongue in cheek parody shops and attractions.

This is doing no harm to the complainant’s business.

I wonder if the person who reported this was the one who reported the Tube light bulb shop on Bond Street?


You ripped off their name and logo and you were shocked that they contacted you?

You live in cloud cuckoo land


Of course this was going to cause friction, why put yourselves through it in the first place?


But that’s still a cheeky copyright theft however you sugarcoat it... It’s not hard to come up with a name for a shop

Andy Pierce

A bit of harmless fun I’d say. While there are similarities in the font and name should a major corporation be able to push the smaller businesses around?

I’d like to see this tested in court and see TK Maxx laughed at.

Riccy Caunce

Well I’ve been past that shop and never even noticed the familiarity in the names it’s lovely and tidy inside.

Maybe TK Maxx should take a leaf out of his book and sort the appearance of their Blackpool store out.

It’s a tip inside!

Louise Swindells

Maybe he should make his sign a different colour, then there would be no arguing.

Janys Wright

Not crossing the line at all!

It’s creative and an amazing idea for a shop name and this is a great shop!

What on earth is the big deal!?

Becky Bishop

Regardless of whether the name is legal or not... is this what we want to see on Blackpool promenade when the town is trying to improve its image? I think not

Tom Wiggans

If he is selling footwear and clothing I think he will find he is breaking the law.

His “play on words” would have been ok if it was a different type of business.

Peter Stokes

Good publicity for his shop.

Perhaps they are worried about the competition!

David Owen

Even my eight-year-old said “ooo mum they’ll get in loads of trouble if TK Maxx see their shop”

Louise Humphries

I remember a barber upset British Airways once – he called his shop British hHairways

Mark Galazka

They’ve not found Primarket yet then?

Gerald Clark

I knew it was only a matter of time

Nathan Grundy