Wyre winning the battle against crime

On the beat with Inspector Nigel Greenwood
On the beat with Inspector Nigel Greenwood

YOU may have seen Lancashire Constabulary’s end of year crime statistics reported during April.

I’m pleased to say that overall crime in the borough was down by 3.6 per cent.

This means that 207 fewer residents became a victim of crime.

We did see a small rise in a few crimes categories in the borough and some of them could have been avoided if simple crime prevention measures were taken. 2010/11 saw nine more offences of vehicle crime than the previous year.

This is a small increase – but that is nine more people who have had to go to the inconvenience and cost of dealing with having their car broken in to.

However, we’ve noticed that a number of these offences have occurred because the owner has left their vehicle unlocked or with valuable items on display. Please make sure you secure your vehicle when leaving it and put anything of value in the boot. Even better, remove it from the vehicle altogether.

We had one more report of burglary that in the previous year – again a small growth, but still one extra person who had to cope with the feeling that their private space has been invaded by a stranger and who may have had to deal with the loss of sentimental or valuable items.

The weather is getting warmer now and there are often more burglaries reported to us during this period.

Please secure doors and windows, consider fitting an alarm and security lights and let us know if you see anything suspicious.

As always, please keep letting us know of your concerns; we act on all information you provide.

You can contact us at your local PACT meetings, by calling in at the police station.

If you prefer, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.