Warning over danger Bubble drug

Party drug mephedrone
Party drug mephedrone

A LEADING Fleetwood policeman has reiterated warnings about a so-called designer drug after shocking scenes on a TV programme left many people on the Fylde coast stunned.

Insp Steve Bell said many people were still ignorant about how dangerous the drug mephedrone, or “bubble” as it is known on the street, could be.

Some its effects were made all too clear on TV when some of those using it were shown on the programme, 999 What’s Your Emergency.

The programme saw police in Blackpool dealing with people who had taken drugs, including bubble. Some of the drug users were utterly oblivious of their actions or surroundings, and put themselves in incredible danger.

Mephedrone is used by young people in particular as a party drug, but when mixed with alcohol it can be dangerous or even lethal.

Insp Bell told the Weekly News: “We know that some people in Fleetwood are taking bubble and recently we have targeted individuals who are dealing in it. This is a kind of plant fertiliser whose effects can be deadly, and which can effect people more acutely than they are prepared for. Possession of it is also illegal.

“I think when viewers saw the state that some of the users in Blackpool got themselves into, they would have been shocked. Young people may be drawn to taking this drug, but it carries potentially very great dangers.”

Inspector Bell’s comments echoed those of a leading police officer who spoke out in July.

Det Chief Insp Tim Leeson, from Lancashire Police’s serious and organised crime unit, urged parents to check for signs of their children taking mephedrone.

The drug, made illegal two years ago, is on the surge – prompting police to carry out raids in Fleetwood, Blackpool and St Annes which led to the arrest of 16 people.

Det Chief Insp Leeson said: “Mephedrone is on the increase because it’s cheap, but the message we want to get across is it is illegal.

“A lot of it comes from China. It’s one of these designer drugs which is morphing all the time. There is a lack of understanding around bubble as it was only made illegal in April 2010.

“We have not had a death in Lancashire fortunately but there have sadly been fatalities attributed to mephedrone across the country. Parents and grandparents should check whether their children are aware of the dangers. The effects may be played down by the youth. It can lead to people being violent when taken with other drugs and alcohol.”