Vandals hit bowling club

A bowling club in Fleetwood is being plagued by vandals who have caused hundreds of pounds of damage.

Members of the Belmont Bowling Club, on Fleetwood promenade, say yobs have been attacking six wooden sheds on a regular basis.

Panels on five of the sheds have been kicked out, and in the worst cases the whole sides have been knocked out.

The vandal incidents have been going on since late last year and have continued in recent weeks.

A spokesman for the club, who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals, said the club had contacted the police on several occasions, but it appeared that the culprits had not been caught.

The spokesman said: “We paid £3,000 for the six sheds for the comfort of our bowlers, and that was a considerable 
investment for a club like ours.

“Our members are really angry and upset about this mindless vandalism.

“We are currently repairing the sheds ready for the new season, and thankfully we have enough people who can do that kind of work. If it wasn’t for that, the bill to repair them would be enormous.

“We are just asking that if anyone sees anything suspicious, they 
report it to the police straightaway.”

The club leases the ground, located close to the paddling pool, from Wyre Council.

Sgt Dan Whitaker, the Fleetwood and Thornton Cleveleys neighbourhood sergeant, said officers would contact the club about the issue.

He said: “This club is very close to the Marine Hall which has also been a hot spot for anti-social behaviour, and youths gathering, over the last six months.

“We are increasing patrols and monitoring CCTV footage to help deal with these issues.”