Update: Full details of KFC armed robbery in which cash was taken at gun point

KFC on Lord Street, Fleetwood
KFC on Lord Street, Fleetwood

A man hunt is underway after an armed robber threatened KFC staff before demanding money.

Armed police officers descended on the Lord Street fast-food restaurant in Fleetwood after a blonde male pointed a silver, cowboy-styled handgun at the cashier at around 4.30pm.

Despite an extensive search of the area, officers weren't able to track the robber, who they say was of medium build and wearing dark clothing.

The KFC store was then closed for a forensic investigation and Force Incident Manager for Lancashire Police, Martin Bishop, says police believe the incident is linked to a house burglary earlier in the day.

He said: "A few hours before this incident, we were made aware of a burglary in which a similar gun was stolen.

"It happened in the Fleetwood area and because of the time, close proximity and uniqueness of the gun, it is quite probable it is linked to the armed robbery of KFC.

"We want the residents of Fleetwood to know that this is a replica, blank-firing gun with blank-firing ammunition. There isn't a man running around with a real gun.

"However that doesn't detract from the very serious nature of the crime and how terrified the staff of KFC must have been.

"The investigation is still active and on-going."