Teenagers jailed for horror attack

Sarah McCaul
Sarah McCaul

TWO teenage girls who carried out a horrific attack on a boy have been jailed and told they could have killed their victim.

Preston Crown Court heard Elise Groves and Sarah McCaul kicked and jumped on the 17-year-old boy’s head after he kissed Groves in a Fleetwood park.

Elise Groves

Elise Groves

The victim ended up unconscious after the attack, but was discharged from hospital next day, having sustained bruising to the right temple and blood in his nostrils.

Jailing the pair, Judge Robert Altham told them: “You could have killed him. You could have caused him serious injury which would have effectively ruined his life.

“It happens very frequently before the courts where people kick or stamp to the head, they either cause death of serious permanent brain injury.”

Groves, 19, of Dudden Avenue, Fleetwood, and 18-year-old McCaul, of London Street, in the port, had both earlier admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and were each sentenced to 14 months detention.

McCaul was 17 at the time of the offence in March last year.

Hilary Banks, prosecuting, said the student victim met up with friends and went to a park in Fleetwood where they began drinking after meeting a number of other young people and some girls.

The court heard the boy began kissing Groves and she apparently responded. He then approached McCaul, but she declined his advances.

The victim went back and tried to kiss Groves again, but she no longer wanted that. She pushed him away and the court was told he shoved her back.

McCaul then got involved in the row. The boy was sat on a low wall when he was punched and fell to the ground and it was suggested he may have banged his head at that time.

The court heard Groves and McCaul then kicked and jumped on his head before others intervened.

The victim remained unconscious on the floor when an ambulance crew arrived.

McCaul later admitted to police she and her co-defendant had been drinking near the library. She claimed the boy had said something to Groves, so they went over and punched him as he sat on the wall.

She said she had joined in as the male had annoyed her and he deserved it but denied having stamped on his head and said she did not think her friend had either.

The court heard that while on bail, Groves had committed a common assault and last September was given a community order. McCaul had breached a conditional discharge in carrying out the assault.

Adrian Williams, for Groves, said she had pushed the boy away and there was an altercation with the youth himself throwing punches, one of them hitting Groves.

Things then escalated and she “lost all control”.

Mr Williams added: “The behaviour is outrageous and the defendant knows and accepts it is serious violence. It appears to have been born out of a lifestyle which lacked any direction whatsoever at the time, with binge drinking at weekends.

“She appears to use alcohol as a means of escaping her difficulties. When in drink she has no control over her emotions and behaves violently.”

Julie Taylor, for McCaul, said all the parties involved had had far too much to drink, particularly given their age.

There was some flirtatious behaviour which was rebuffed, some comments which were unwelcome.

Miss Taylor added: “The two young ladies simply lost control of themselves, perhaps due to the alcohol they consumed and overreacted to comments and flirtatious behaviour. They accept that.

“She was 17 at the time and her life was without any structure, without any guidance.”

In passing sentence, the judge said the circumstances of the offence were “horrific”.

He added that there seemed little prospect of either girl “knuckling under” if court orders were made.