Prisons info call from MP


THE MP for Cleveleys has called for the public to be given more information about reoffending rates following community service sentencing.

Paul Maynard believes people will have better confidence in non-custodial sentences for criminals if they see that they actually help cut crime.

Speaking in Parliament at the Alternative to Custody debate, he said: “If we are to increase public confidence in more intensive forms of community sentencing, we clearly need to link them to evidence showing how they reduce reoffending.In the commendable analysis of a pilot published in July 2011 by the Ministry of Justice, the difficulty of calculating reoffending statistics is made clear.

“Will the Minister reassure me that he can persuade members of the public this is the way forward?”

Minister of State for Justice Nick Herbert replied: “Where (community sentences) reduce reoffending, which we have had great difficulty delivering through short-term custodial sentences, such measures should be considered.”

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