Phone and texts liar jailed for 10 months

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court

An ex-boyfriend who harassed his former partner – and then tried to get two other people to take the blame – has been locked up.

Mark Emsley made threats by phone, in one instance bombarding an ex-girlfriend with repeated calls and texts, and had takeaways delivered to her address that had not been ordered.

Mark Emsley

Mark Emsley

Emsley, 32, of Whinfield Avenue, Fleetwood was jailed for 10 months at Preston Crown Court.

He had pleaded guilty to two charges of harassment and two of perverting the course of justice.

The first offence, last November, arose while he was awaiting sentence at the magistrates’ court for an offence under the Protection from Harassment Act.

David Clarke, prosecuting, said Emsley had made a threatening phone call to the father of an ex-partner’s boyfriend.

More calls were made, but the man did not answer them.

The victim was described as feeling very frightened and intimidated by what happened. Another threatening call followed the next day.

After that, a retired man with mental health difficulties gave a statement to police to say he himself had made the calls, but had meant no harm.

Emsley eventually admitted having made the calls.

Mr Clarke said Emsley made threats to his partner who had ended their relationship.

A police constable went to her home to take a witness statement and while there, the defendant made 15 calls.

Two takeaways arrived that had not been ordered. A total of 45 more calls followed, none of which the woman answered.

There were eight more text messages.

Emsley claimed to have given his mobile phone to someone else and that he was not responsible.

A woman was interviewed by police and arrested. She claimed to have been responsible for the calls.

Ciaran Rankin, defending, said the first set of offences arose out of frustration, anger and concern about his young child.

A long-term relationship had ended and there were considerable difficulties about contact.

“He flew into a rage and uttered the threats”, said the barrister.

Things took a turn for the worse when he got into a new relationship that he wasn’t ready for.

He was coming to terms with the tragic end of that relationship when the other offences followed.

“He reverted to type with verbal threats”, said Mr Rankin.

Judge Stuart Baker said “It maybe, and I hope, all of those threats were empty, that you would have never carried them out.

“But the reason why threats are uttered is for their effect. This was conduct clearly designed to intimidate. It is a form of bullying conduct.

“There were deliberate, flagrant and persistent attempts to pervert the course of justice.

“These cases are so serious that no punishment other than an immediate sentence of imprisonment could properly be justified”.

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