OAP who had vile images of child abuse jailed

Ian Cameron
Ian Cameron

A pensioner arrested for having vile images of child abuse told his wife: “I’ve only been viewing them for a couple of weeks.”

Preston Crown Court heard Ian Cameron, 68, was arrested at his then home in Styan Street, Fleetwood, after police received intelligence about indecent images of children.

As he was cautioned and his computer equipment was seized he shouted the remark to his wife.

Peter Barr, prosecuting, revealed investigators later found he had been accessing the images as far back as 2005, though it was accepted there had been a very long period between him viewing them.

They included 88 at the most serious category in law, 54 at category B and 114 at category C and extreme pornography involving animals.

Jailing him for nine months, Justice William Davis said: “These were very serious crimes involving young children being abused by other people and your actions perpetuates the activities of those who desecrate the lives of young children.”

The grandfather was found to be hoarding more than 5,000 DVDs, some which contained 247 extreme images of people committing indecent acts with a chicken, pig, donkey, horse, dog and other animals.

Defending him, Richard Archer said: “It is a sad state of affairs when a man of 68, in failing health, is before a court for the first time when that man has worked hard up until his retirement.”

He revealed his wife still supported him, though the couple are separated.

Cameron, of Edenvale Avenue, Bispham, pleaded guilty to three offences of making indecent photographs of children, possessing 282 indecent photographs of children, possessing extreme pornography and having a prohibited picture of a child.

The offences took place between March 2005 and November last year.

He was given a sexual harm prevention order and will be subject to notification requirements for 10 years.