New orders in place to tackle youth issue

Nuisance youths
Nuisance youths

A new way to tackle anti-social youth nuisance problems in Fleetwood has been launched - and the onus has been put on the parents of younger children involved.

After repeated incidents of anti-social behaviour in the town, officers from Wyre Council and Fleetwood Area Police issued six Community Protection Warnings to those teens responsible or their parents.

Breaches of the conditions attached to the CPWs will result in a more serious Community Protection Notice (CPN) being issued.

And if this is then breached, youths over 16 or parents of those under 16 could find themselves in court.

Wyre Council and the police have been working together for a number of months to find a solution to the problem, which has been going on for a number of years but has become more prominent in the last few months.

In one incident, yobs smashed windows at the Marine Hall and at a new bus stop across the road, on the same night.

There have also been complaints that members of the public, queueing up to attend shows at the Marine Hall, have been abused and sworn at by youths.

Exasperated chalet users on the seafront have also complained of harassment by young yobs over the summer months.

Sgt Natali Harper, of Fleetwood Police said: “We have worked in partnership with Wyre Council to tackle this problem.

“An interesting factor is that parents of younger children can be made accountable for the behaviour of their children.”

A council spokesman said: “The warnings issued are just one of a number of tools available to the council to tackle anti-social behaviour and we are fully prepared to progress matters if problems persist.”