Jail for school burglar

Burnley Crown Court
Burnley Crown Court

A Fleetwood man was led from the dock complaining that his jail sentence means he will miss the birth of his first child.

Cy Holt, 22, of Mount Street, smashed his way into a primary school and helped himself to cash which had been saved by children for school trips.

Holt was locked up for 14 months, and although he will only serve half that, it means he will miss his child being born as his girlfriend is around four months pregnant.

As he was led from the dock, he complained that the sentence means he would be in jail, rather than with his partner when she went into labour.

Burnley Crown Court heard the dad-to-be left a trail of destruction at Casterton Primary School, Burnley, when he kicked through interior doors in the hunt for money and things to steal in the middle of the night. At the time he was living near to the school, on Thames Avenue in the town.

Described as a career burglar, he has since moved to Fleetwood to be away from associates and “like minded people”.

The court heard he had picked the school on purpose because he thought he could make a quick and easy profit.

As well as the school trip money, he stole a laptop, and returned home triumphant to his girlfriend, boasting how he had just raided a primary school and netted £1,000.

His thieving may mean pupils at the school missing out on a trip.

He admitted burglary and possessing cocaine.

Sarah Johnson, prosecuting, said in the early hours of March 12, the school alarm went off at about 3.30am.

A piece of wood panelling had been forced through into the kitchen area and damage was caused not only to that but a number of doors, which were kicked open.

Miss Johnson said the defendant took a laptop and money boxes which contained brown envelopes of cash which were deposits made by the pupils for school outings. The school estimated about £500 had been taken.

The prosecutor said CCTV from a nearby sports club was examined and Holt was identified.

Miss Johnson said police arrested Holt on April 23 and had cocaine on him.

Holt made no comment when interviewed. He had 57 offences on his record, many of them for burglary.

Miss Johnson added: “The loss to the school will be felt by the children. Their parents provided money for school trips and that money has now been spent.”

Defending Holt, Hugh McKee said the comment to his girlfriend about burgling the school was bravado.

Holt, who had used cannabis since he was 16, chose the school to get money as it was nearby.

Mr McKee said: “He wants his liberty to be present at the birth of his first child.

“He believes that moving away from the Burnley area to Fleetwood means he doesn’t have any of his old associates and like minded people there.”

Mr McKee said Holt had spent two months on remand. He added: “He has a terrible record. He knows that.”

Recorder Philip Curran had read a letter from Holt, in which he was said to have expressed remorse for what he did and stated it was very stupid.

The judge said: “In your letter you make it quite clear you want to change things. I hope you are being genuine about that. The test will come when you are released from custody.”