Jail after drug bust

Sarah McKinstry has been jailed for drug offences.
Sarah McKinstry has been jailed for drug offences.

A FORMER Fleetwood woman has been jailed for two years and eight months for selling heroin after being targeted during a special police operation.

Sarah McKinstry, 39, who was living in a flat on Coronation Road, Cleveleys, was arrested in February during dawn raids carried out as part of Operation Nimrod.

McKinstry appeared at court earlier this month and pleaded guilty to three counts of supplying heroin and two of offering to supply heroin. At that hearing, defence solicitor Patrick Nelligan said McKinstry had not benefited from her drug dealing activities, which he said were small scale.

The defendant’s arrest was part of a national crackdown on drug-related offences, Operation Nimrod, a force-wide operation dedicated to tackling drug-related crime right across the county.

Detective Chief Inspector Vicki Evans, Lancashire Constabulary, said: “We are committed to taking class A drugs off our streets. Most burglaries, car crime and robberies are carried out to fund a drug habit and this brings misery to the lives of law abiding residents.

“Operation Nimrod is an intelligence-led operation that targets drug crime across the force and in this instance has involved months of evidence gathering on alleged drug dealing in and around Fleetwood.”

She added: “Operation Nimrod is a long-term approach to tackling drugs and the problems they bring them. “It is unusual in that it also offers help to those who have drug habits and seeks to move them away from their dependency.”