Huge drugs haul goes up in smoke

PC Ian Lester, of Fleetwood Police, with bags of drugs destined for incineration.
PC Ian Lester, of Fleetwood Police, with bags of drugs destined for incineration.

THOUSANDS of pounds of drugs confiscated from Fleetwood and Wyre drug dealers have literally gone up in smoke.

Bags of various drug wares seized by officers in the Wyre area over the past 12 months have now been destroyed in a massive industrial incinerator.

They included various class A and B drugs such as cannabis, amphetamine, bubble, cocaine and heroin, along with illegally obtained prescription drugs.

All of the substances had been seized during stop-checks and drugs raids made in 2012 and carried out to make Wyre’s communities safer.

Seized drugs are kept in a secure location until they are no longer needed as evidence for court cases and then they are destroyed in a controlled manner, usually through the incineration process.

The substances were originally destined for the streets of Fleetwood and the rest of the borough.

But a series of drugs busts cut off at least one source of the drugs which are linked to various crimes in the area.

Sgt Daniel Whitaker, of Wyre police, said the drugs money would have lined the pockets of criminals.

He said: “We have destroyed a substantial amount of drugs that were seized over the last 12 months and this has prevented harmful substances from making their way into our neighbourhoods.

“The drugs put into the incinerator would have had a street value of thousands of pounds and that is cash we have prevented from going into criminals’ pockets.

“If an area becomes blighted by drugs then there are increased health risks to those who take the substances; while those who are not involved are still affected by the anti-social behaviour and crime that is committed to fund drugs habits.

“When residents tell us that they are concerned about drugs in their area then we will take action to remove the problem.

“We must work together to tackle this issue and we welcome information from the local community.”

Police launched various successful drugs operations last year, leading to a number of arrests of low-level Fleetwood dealers who were dealt with through the courts.

Now the wares they were peddling have been destroyed.

Anyone with information about drugs and drug dealing is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

In an emergency always dial 999.