Holiday park worker cleared of sex claims

Cala Gran Holiday Park at Fleetwood.
Cala Gran Holiday Park at Fleetwood.

A man has been cleared of allegations he molested a 16-year-old girl while working as a sports coach at a Fleetwood holiday park.

Daniel Thornley, 24, insisted to a court that the young holidaymaker at the Cala Gran Holiday Park had tried to kiss him after following him into the mens toilets on site.

Mr Thornley, of Harrow Avenue, Fleetwood was found not guilty of a sexual assault charge at the end of a three day trial before Preston Crown Court and discharged.

It had been claimed that he he had pulled the girl into the mens toilets area, tried to kiss her and pulled down his shorts, exposing himself.

Two managers at the site had interviewed him about the allegation, suspended him from work and he was later arrested by police.

It was claimed an assault took place last August while the pregnant teenager was on holiday with a cousin and other family members, staying at the holiday park.

She claimed that as she was going to the toilet he had pulled her into the gents and was blocking the door.

Mr Thornley’s defence claimed she had come up with a story to explain her being in the mens’ toilets.

The defendant, a man of good character, said in his evidence that he had just been friendly by talking to people as part of his job, asking them if they were having a good time.

He said he was still talking to the girl while going into the gents. He heard footsteps, turned around and saw she had followed him.

“I was startled”, he said. “I said ‘what are you doing?’

“She was trying to kiss me, sort of thing. I accepted a kiss. I wasn’t kissing back.

“She said ‘don’t worry, I won’t say anything”.

Asked if he had done anything to upset her, he replied: “I did nothing to cause her to be tearful, unless it was rejecting her”. He insisted he had not done anything improper or aggressive.