Holiday park coach ‘pulled girl into gents’

Cala Gran Holiday Park at Fleetwood.
Cala Gran Holiday Park at Fleetwood.

A sports coach at a Fleetwood holiday park sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl after pulling her into the gents toilets, a court heard.

Daniel Thornley, was working at the Cala Gran Holiday Park on Fleetwood Road when he allegedly tried to kiss the youngster and expose himself.

Prosecutors said two managers at the site went on to interview him, suspended him from work and call the police.

The court heard during police questioning, Thornley claimed the teenager had tried to kiss him and so he went along with it, but denied anything more.

The 24-year-old of Harrow Avenue, Fleetwood has gone on trial at Preston Crown Court where he denies a single charge of sexual assault said to have occurred last August.

Opening the case for the prosecution, Jonathan Dickinson said the 16-year-old girl and relatives were staying at the holiday park at the time.

On the afternoon of August 7, the defendant is said to have got talking with the girl and another teenager while they were playing mini golf.

It is suggested Thornley said the victim was “cute” and asked if she had a boyfriend. She said she did have one.

They went their separate ways and a short time later, after finishing playing golf, the two girls headed to a toilet block.

Thornley allegedly joined them.

Mr Dickinson said: “When the younger girl went into the ladies toilets, the defendant grabbed the other girl and pulled her into the mens toilet.

“He prevented her from leaving before trying to kiss her.

“She told the police he held her and tried to kiss her a number of times”.

It is claimed that he then exposed himself. The girl pushed him away and apparently was allowed to leave the toilets.

“She describes him as panicking, telling her not to tell anyone,” said Mr Dickinson.

The girl went on to tell her mother.

One of the managers on the site was contacted and then the police.

Managers at the holiday park interviewed Thornley. The defendant claimed that when he went to the mens toilet the girl had followed him in.

Mr Dickinson added: “He said she then left the toilets, at which point he started panicking because he didn’t want to lose his job.”

Thornley denied exposing himself.

The trial continues and is expected to last several days.