Heartless robbers’ trick on blind man

David Daley who was mugged in a Blackpool car park
David Daley who was mugged in a Blackpool car park

POLICE are hunting a gang of thugs who lured a blind Fleetwood man to a deserted car park before robbing him.

The three men and a woman offered to walk David Daley to Blackpool North railway station when they met him in a cafe.

But the gang led him into nearby Talbot Road car park where they launched a vicious attack before tearing his money from his pocket and fleeing, leaving him “upset and hurting” on the ground.

The 43-year-old added: “I was sitting at a table outside a cafe near the station and started speaking to them.

“They said they were walking me to the station but I thought it was strange because I couldn’t remember going up steps. They took me into the multi-storey car park, the third floor.

“Then the girl who was with them started shouting at me and punched me in the face.

“Someone kicked my legs from under me and I was on the ground.

“They started kicking the hell out of me. There was a lad called Kieran who went as though to protect me but he was only holding me on the ground. They were shouting ‘where’s the money’.

“I said I hadn’t got any but they said they knew I had.

“They ripped my trousers open and pulled them down looking for the money and then they found it in a small pocket.

“I was just left with a bit of change.”

Mr Daley, of Windsor Terrace, Fleetwood, had been planning to visit his daughter and granddaughter in Birmingham when the attack took place on Wednesday evening.

He has been completely blind for 16 years since contracting a rare disease called Behcet’s Syndrome, which causes inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body.

There is no cure.

Mr Daley said he had been left with heavy bruising since the attack and was anxious for the gang to be caught before they hurt someone else.

Mr Daley said as well as Kieran others in the group had given their names as Kelly, Ian and H.

A Blackpool Police spokesman said: “Following the incident we took Mr Daley to the police station to speak to him and then took him to hospital where he was given painkillers.”

Contact Blackpool Police on non emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 quoting the date October 3 and the number 0959.