Fleetwood from the courts 28-10-15

Blackpool Magistrates court
Blackpool Magistrates court
  • Woman accused of benefit fraud involving £21,000
  • Teenager ended up under arrest after an argument with brother
  • Woman scorned after her partner left her for another woman
  • Father of four spotted inside a car with a torch
  • Teenager took his grandmother’s Mobility car
  • Former police officer told a court his former girlfriend tried to frame him
  • Man accused of hitting his girlfriend on the head with a child’s toy

A woman accused of benefit fraud involving £21,000 has appeared at court.

Wendy Wood, 43, of Chester Avenue, Poulton, faces four offences of dishonestly failing to notify a change in circumstances to claim housing and council tax benefits from Wyre Borough Council between April 2011 and July 2014.

Defence lawyer, Steven Townley, asked for time to read extensive legal papers on the case and Wood was bailed by Blackpool magistrates.

• A teenager ended up under arrest after an argument with his brother at Fleetwood.

Ryan Williams said his brother had made sarcastic remarks after he rowed with his girlfriend.

Williams, unemployed, 19, of Rede Avenue, Fleetwood, pleaded guilty to breach of the peace and was bound over in the sum of £50 for six months by Blackpool magistrates.

Pam Smith, prosecuting, said police were called to Williams’ home in Fleetwood on October 24 at 2.39am.

Williams had argued with his brother and was found crying in a bedroom.

He told officers he had had an altercation with his girlfriend which led to a shouting match with his brother.

Williams called officers names and insisted he was going to see his girlfriend in Preston.

His father tried to calm him down, but Williams became aggressive to him.

Steven Townley, defending, said his client, who had no previous convictions, became annoyed after his brother made sarcastic remarks about the row Williams had had with his girlfriend.

• A woman scorned after her partner of 18 years left her for another woman damaged her ex’s new girlfriend’s car.

June Waite believed it was a car she had bought her ex when she scratched it with a key.

But the Vauxhall Corsa turned out to be a similar car her ex had bought his new girlfriend.

Waite, 50, of Melbourne Avenue, Cleveleys, pleaded guilty to causing damage.

She was given a 12 months conditional discharge and ordered to pay £75 compensation, a £150 court charge, £85 costs plus £15 victims’ surcharge by Blackpool magistrates.

Alison Quanbrough, prosecuting, said Waite’s former partner was in the resort’s Regal Hotel on June 12, when she came up to him and poured a pint over his head.

Waite’s ex then saw her go outside and scratch his new partner’s car with a key.

When interviewed Waite told police she thought the car belonged to her ex 
and said: “I’m a silly old woman.”

Andrew Nottingham, defending, said: “She had been in a relationship for 18 years and he finished that relationship to go out with another woman.

“She had bought her former partner a car, but he got rid of it.

“He then bought his new partner the same type of 

“She believed the car she damaged was the car she had bought him and was surprised when told it was not his.

“She said she would not pay for the damage.”

• A father of four was spotted inside a car with a torch by police.

Richard Sleet, 32, of Balmoral Terrace, Fleetwood, pleaded guilty to interfering with a motor vehicle.

He was sentenced to a four weeks curfew from 9pm to 6am Sundays to Thursdays and ordered to pay a £180 court charge with £60 victims’ surcharge by Blackpool magistrates.

Alison Quanbrough, prosecuting, said a police patrol saw Sleet inside an Astra on Mersey Road on October 7, at 5am.

Sleet ran off and was detained in a nearby garden.

Patrick Nelligan, defending, told magistrates that Sleet said the car door was slightly open and he got inside looking for change.

• A teenager took his grandmother’s Mobility car after telling her he was going to look at computer games in a supermarket while she was shopping there.

Anthony Emery, who was a learner driver, smashed a light and caused scratches to the car during the drive.

Emery, 18, of Blakiston Drive, Fleetwood, pleaded guilty to the aggravated taking of a car, driving it without insurance and not in accordance with his provisional licence.

Alison Quanbrough, prosecuting, said Emery’s grandmother drove him to Asda, Blackpool, on July 15.

She went shopping and Emery said he would look at games in the store.

About an hour later the grandmother had finished her shop, but she could not find Emery and when she went to the car park her car was gone.

CCTV from the supermarket showed Emery taking the car.

When apprehended, Emery said his brother had asked him to take the car to drive to Fleetwood.

When interviewed, Emery said he had argued with his grandmother that morning so he took the spare car keys from her home and when she was shopping drove off in her car.

He said he did not remember causing damage to the car light.

Emery was bailed for pre-sentence reports and will be sentenced at a later date by Blackpool magistrates.

• A former police officer told a court he believed his former girlfriend had tried to frame him.

Ian Heed, who was with Lancashire police for 20 years and based in Blackpool, said he had not been in an area of Poulton he had been banned from.

The former officer said his ex claimed he had been in the area because she was bitter towards him and wanted to cause him trouble.

Heed, a 51-year-old builder, of Beaumont Gardens, Carleton, Poulton, denied breaching his bail and was found not guilty of the offence by Blackpool magistrates.

Malcolm Isherwood, prosecuting, said Heed had been bailed by Southwark Crown Court on alleged offences of fraud and money-laundering.

His bail conditions included the conditions he should not enter Grisedale, Calderdale or Bleasdale Avenues in Poulton.

The prosecutor said on October 9 about 9am Heed’s ex was outside her home in Grisedale Avenue when she saw Heed reversing a van on the avenue.

Heed told magistrates that on October 9 at that time he had been cleaning a blocked drain in Marton.

He added that since they had split up his ex had become antagonistic towards him.

Heed said: “She is very bitter and says she wants to cause trouble for me.”

Simon Farnsworth, defending, told magistrates: “She is either mistaken or it is a deliberate attempt to cause trouble for my client.

• A man accused of pushing his pregnant former girlfriend causing her to stagger back into a porch door has appeared at court.

Frank Brotherton, 28, of Hampton Place, Thornton, pleaded not guilty to assault and was bailed for trial by District Judge Pamela Baldwin sitting at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court.

• A man accused of harassing a woman by sending texts to her mobile phone has appeared at court.

Lewis Jackson, 21, of Marines Close, Fleetwood, had his case adjourned for reports on December 1 by District Judge Pamela Baldwin sitting at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court.

• A man accused of hitting his girlfriend on the head with a child’s toy and banging her head against a wall has made his first appearance at court.

David Reid, a 27-year-old father, formerly of Stephen Street, St Annes, now living at Leith Street, Cleveleys, pleaded not guilty to assault.

He was bailed to November 24 for trial by Blackpool magistrates.

Reid must live at his given address, not contact the complainant and not enter Stephen Street, St Annes, except for once with a police officer to collect his belongings and his bicycle, as conditions of his bail.