Dealer told to cough up

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A DRUG dealer has been ordered to pay back more than £7,000 after police recovered a huge haul of amphetamine in Fleetwood.

The order was made at a Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) hearing, which aims to take money earned by criminal means from those convicted of crimes.

Kenneth O’Sullivan was jailed for 27 months in February last year after pleading guilty to possession with intent to supply amphetamine.

In January 2011, officers had raided a property in Lord Street, Fleetwood, that was used by 44-year-old O’Sullivan and found substantial amounts of the class B drug inside.

At the POCA hearing at Preston Crown Court last week, the judge ruled that O’Sullivan, formerly of Stanley Avenue, Cleveleys, had benefited financially from his criminal activities to the sum of £21,250.

His current available assets were set at £7,251.96 and he was ordered to pay this money back within six months or face an additional four months in prison. Financial investigator Sharon Dalton of Lancashire Constabulary, said: “POCA legislation is used to strip criminals of their illegally-gained cash and assets.

“Law abiding residents do not like to see offenders prospering on the back of the misery brought into a community by drug dealing.

“If it becomes apparent in the future that O’Sullivan has further assets then these can also be confiscated until the full monetary value of his criminality, as judged by the courts, has been satisfied.

“The money that is taken from criminals is split between crime fighting agencies and then ploughed back into projects that benefit our neighbourhoods.”