Cooker is dumped by car park fly-tipper

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Police and Wyre Council staff are investigating a fly-tipping incident in Thornton.

The pile of waste was found at a car park in Skippool on Wednesday morning.

The dumped rubbish included wood, the frame of an oven, toys, clothes and plastic bags.

Police say they have already identified a suspect.

Another fly-tipping incident was reported to the council yesterday.

The ‘large deposit’ was left in Butts Close at some time between 11am and 4.30pm on Tuesday.

A team from Wyre Council has visited the Skippool site to clear the dumped waste.

Last year a Wyre Council clean-up team was called into action when a load of suspected asbestos was dumped in a Cleveleys street. A total of 1,565 incidents of fly tipping were cleared last year.

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