Cement attack leaves costly damage trail

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Yobs who broke into a Fleetwood landfill site caused thousands of pounds of damage to three heavy duty vehicles by contaminating the fuel tanks .

Vandals ripped open fencing at the Sita site in Jameson Road before pouring cement dust into the fuel tanks.

The vandal attack has cost the site around £9,000 in terms of repairs, lost fuel as well as lost revenue from minimal operation the day after the attack.

Police have released details of the incident, which happened overnight between September 18 and 19, in a bid to track down those responsible.

Site manager Roy Cooper said: “They drove into the site and took the padlocks off the fuel caps before putting cement dust in the fuel lines. Then they put the caps back on.

“One of the guys found the padlock and some dust on the ground and realised what had happened

“But unfortunately the other machines were started up.

“They’ve done £3,000 to £4,000 of damage and we’ve lost a thousand litres of fuel.

“On top of that we lost another £5,000 in work because we could only operate slightly for that day.”

Repair work has had to be carried out on the two machines which had been started up.

Mr Cooper added: “We had to strip the fuel tanks on the two machines that were started and then flush the fuel line on the one which wasn’t.

“One of the machines still isn’t back, it’s had to have new injectors and pumps, we are using a hired machine at the moment.

“I’m a bit grieved to be honest, but it’s not going to stop.”