Campaigners gear up to save Wyre police stations

Poulton police station
Poulton police station

A HUGE public outcry has gone out against controversial plans to axe Wyre police stations.

It has been revealed the future of Poulton and Cleveleys stations – is now under review, with a proposal to base officers in Fleetwood.

It follows Government spending cuts which mean Lancashire Police must save £42m in the next four years.

Martin Hunns, chair of Cleveleys Chamber of Trade said business owners would petition to save their station.

He said: “There will be a rise in purse snatching and shoplifting – the sort of crimes we used to see before police patrols were stepped up.

“Crime will be rife at a time when traders are struggling with revenue, we will rally against any closures of community stations.

“At the moment we have a great system where we have a radio link between traders and the police so we feel secure at all times.”

Members of CROP (The Concerned Resident’s of Poulton) say they would be prepared to campaign against police officers being moved out of their local station to Fletwood.

Chairman John Bailie said: “It is not easy to put a campaign together but on this issue it is something we will certainly look at.

“The main thing is this would appear to be a done deal without any public consultation and that is not the way to go about it.

“Poulton needs a police station, geographically it’s the centre of Wyre and I urge people to save our station.”

Poulton resident Bill Waller, a former Metropolitan police officer, has vowed to start a petition to fight any closure.

He said: “We want to save Poulton police station. We are going to organise a petition and we’re going to sit outside and go door-to-door to get people to sign it.

“We’ll ask them why they want Poulton police station and that will give the police an idea why it should be saved.

“If you’re in Fleetwood you’re not in the centre.