Blackpool prankster in annual stand-off with police over offensive Christmas lights

A Blackpool joker known for crude Christmas light displays has been threatened with arrest after unveiling his latest creation.

Grange Park prankster Steve McGawley, known for his risque illuminations, is believed to be the first person in Britain arrested for offensive Christmas lights in 2016.

This year Steve is sharing his thought-provoking insight on Brexit, with the help of a squatting neon Father Christmas.

At 1.30pm, police arrived at Mr McGawley's home in Rodwell Walk and asked him to take the lights down.

Mr McGawley could be seen leaning out of his first floor window and discussing the matter with several officers.

A police spokesman said: "A complaint we received today (Friday, December 21) regarding offensive lights being displayed on a house on Rodwell Walk, Blackpool.

"Officers attended the address, along with colleagues from Blackpool Council. A Community Protection Notice was issued and the occupant was spoken to.

"The lights have now been taken down."

The dad-of-four gained national attention in December 2016 when his fairy lights led to a standoff with police officers.

The encounter was filmed by Mr McGawley when officers visited his home after receiving complaints over his phallic shaped fairy lights.

Mr McGawley was arrested with public order offences, despite protesting that the object was intended to resemble a mushroom.

He later changed the lights to spell out ‘I’M SORRY’.

McGawley's irreverent Christmas lights continue to divide the community.

Neighbour Adrian Thomas said: "It's like the illuminations, we look forward to them each year."

Others have been less impressed and referred to his unique displays as 'crude' and 'obscene'.

Mr McGawley received widespread praise in November for his poppy display in honour of the Armistice Day centenary.