Blackpool: From the courts 12-01-17

Blackpool Magistrates Court.
Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Here is a round-up of some of the cases at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Derek Foxcroft, 32, harassment

The Jeremy Kyle show was slammed in court and accused of encouraging baiting between people after a man was arrested following his appearance on the programme.

The television show was also described as not the type of programme people with mental health problems should be appearing on.

Derek Foxcroft went on the show in an attempt to gain a better relationship with his ex girlfriend who encouraged him to see his son at a contacts centre.

But the show ended in a bitter row between the couple with Foxcroft refusing to see his son at a centre.

The day the programme aired Foxcroft went into meltdown.

He sent his ex texts threatening to firebomb her home and douse her in petrol and set fire to her.

Defence lawyer, John McLaren, told magistrates: “I don’t think the show is the kind of forum for people with mental health problems such as my client.

“The few times I have seen it it appears to encourage baiting between people.

“If you are having problems and there are children involved it would seem to pour fuel onto the fire to argue out those problems on the show.

“My client has a history of depression and says it totally freaked him out appearing on the show. He felt somewhat bounced into going on it because the researchers phone you up and not just once.

“It did not resolve his problem of contact with his child.

“It made the situation considerably worse.”

Foxcroft, 32, Windsor Avenue, Blackpool, who was said to have quit work after the programme, pleaded guilty to harassment, causing her to fear violence would be used against her by sending threatening texts on December 19.

He was sentenced to 16 weeks jail suspended for two years and ordered to pay £85 costs with £115 victims’ surcharge.

Prosecutor, Sarah Perkins, said after Foxcroft and his partner split-up the couple agreed to appear on The Jeremy Kyle show.

She said it was to try to resolve their issues and to get him to have contact with his son at a contact centre.

The show was filmed on December 1 and did not go well, with Foxcroft refusing to see his son at a contact centre.

The day the programme aired on December 19 she received several threatening texts from him.

John McLaren, defending, said things became progressively worse after the television programme with them both texting each other.

Foxcroft said his ex became unpleasant with him.

The defence added: “He has burnt his boat as far as his former partner and son are concerned.”

Carl Frost, 30, assault

A plumber who became hooked on drugs and alcohol twice assaulted his partner.

And during one of the crimes against the woman he also assaulted his own mother. Carl Frost, 30, of Queens Promenade, Blackpool admitted all three assaults when he appeared before magistrates.

He was given a 20 week jail term suspended for two years. He must also undertake 30 day rehabilitation and and a drug programme. Magistrates also made him the subject of a two restraining order which forbids him from contacting his former partner and pay her £200 compensation.

The court heard the first assault happened at her home.She returned from a hospital visit. There was a confrontation during which Frost punched her in the face causing her nose to bleed profusely.

Sarah Perkins, prosecuting, said that Frost placed a towel around her neck and started to strangle his victim before she managed to break free.

Frost broke the cable to her landline phone but she used her mobile to ring police. Frost was on bail for that offence when he attacked her again this time on Christmas Day at his parents home.

He had taken a cocktail of £100 of crack cocaine, vodka and cider. He left the house in the early hours of the morning to buy more drugs and when he returned once against started to land punches on her.

Her parents intervened and Frost pushed his mother to the floor during the incident.

Magistrates were told that the father-of-two had received help for his problems while being held in custody pending his hearing.

He wished to continue getting assistance with the help of the Probation service.

Callum Gayton, 19, rape

A 19-year-old has made his first appearance at court charged with rape. Callum Gayton, of Dallam Dell, Thornton is alleged to have raped the girl aged 15 in October last year.

He is further charged with attempting to rape the same girl.

Gayton was sent for trial at Preston Crown Court and will appear at the higher court on February 8.

He was bailed.

James Whiteley, 35, assault

A man accused of pushing his girlfriend who hit a rail and suffered a head injury has made his first appearance at court.

James Whiteley, 35, of Marton Drive, Marton, is charged with assaulting his partner causing her actual bodily harm.

He also faces three charges of assaulting his girlfriend, using violence to enter premises and threatening behaviour. Prosecutor, Sarah Perkins, asked for the case to go to crown court and Whiteley to be remanded in custody. Defence lawyer, Peter Cave, did not ask for bail for his client.

Whiteley was remanded in custody to appear at Preston Crown Court on February 8.

Tyne yates, 26, breaching a suspended prison sentence order

A woman found herself in trouble when she dropped off the probation service’s radar and failed to keep in touch with her probation officer.

Tyne Yates, 26, of Shetland Road, South Shore, pleaded guilty to breaching a suspended prison sentence order.

Blackpool magistrates extended a drug rehabilitation order she was on by two months and ordered her to pay £50 costs.

Jason Phillips, 47, theft

A prolific shoplifter who has been banned from Cleveleys town centre stole to fund his drug habit.

Jason Phillips, 47, of Cheltenham Road, North Shore, pleaded guilty to seven offences of theft.

He was sentenced to pay £192 compensation.

Steven Higgins, 55, assault

A man has made his first appearance at court and pleaded not guilty to assaulting a woman.

Steven Higgins, 55, of Portree Road, Bispham, was bailed to March 17 for trial and must not contact the complainant as a condition of his bail.