Blackpool: From the courts 26/05/17

Here is a round-up of some of the cases at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Friday, 26th May 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:03 pm
Blackpool Magistrates' Court

Mark Massey, 49, assault

A DJ - who had married his wife twice - injured her when he hurled a glass bedside lamp at her and punched her in the face.

Mark Massey met his wife in Croatia when she worked at a hotel he was employed at as an entertainer about 30 years ago.

They married in 1988, divorced in 1997 and remarried in 2003 but the relationship came under stress because of Massey’s drinking and his accusations she had cheated on him.

He had tracked her via her i-Phone and stopped her using social media.

When she went to hospital after Massey threw the lamp at her, their grown-up son alerted the police.

Massey, 49, formerly of Blackpool, now living at Woburn Avenue, Leigh, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

He was sentenced to 26 weeks jail suspended for two years, put on 30 days rehabilitation to be supervised by the probation service and ordered to pay his wife £250 compensation by Blackpool magistrates.

Prosecutor, Sarah Perkins, said Massey started shouting and calling his wife names after telling her his father had been injured in an accident on May 12 at 9.30pm.

He threw a glass lamp at her which cut her on the forearm as she had put up her arms to protect her face, before later punched her in the face.

She went to hospital and had several stitches put in her arm and treatment for a cut face.

In a statement she said she did not want her husband to get into trouble.

She said she wanted him to get help and support for his alcohol issues.

Probation officer, Lesley Whittaker, told the court that Massey said in his work as a DJ he developed a habit of drinking six pints of lager almost daily.

The night before the offence he had drunk a large amount of vodka.

He was upset because he had just received the news his father had fallen off a roof and shattered his pelvis.

He remembered throwing the lamp and then very little until he was woken and arrested.

Patrick Nelligan, defending, said his client was ashamed and remorseful and realised he had put in jeopardy his relationship with his wife and also his son, who had been disgusted with what his father had done.

Massey had referred himself to alcohol specialists and it remained to be seen whether his marriage had a future.

Carl Hilton, 29, damage

A man lost his temper after an argument when his girlfriend objected to him giving her a morning-time cuddle.

Carl Hilton left the address but broke a window when he returned and tried to get in to retrieve his hat.

Hilton, a 29-year-old scaffolder, of Oldfield Crescent, Poulton, pleaded guilty to causing damage.

He was given a 12 months conditional discharge and ordered to pay £300 compensation.

Prosecutor, Sarah Perkins, said Hilton’s girlfriend said they had been together three-and-a-half years and had a daughter together.

They did not live together but Hilton occasionally stayed over.

He stayed one night and on May 8 they woke and Hilton tried to cuddle and touch her.

This led to a row and he left.

He returned and was banging on a window asking for some of his belongings when the glass cracked.

Patrick Nelligan, defending, told magistrates that Hilton described the relationship as hot and cold.

One moment his partner was happy for him to be there, the next she was not.

Hilton had forgotten his keys and was trying to get the window open to get in and get his hat.

Peter Gillett, 24, damage

A son accused of smashing a window in a door at his father’s home has made his first appearance at court.

Peter Gillett, 24, formerly of Sandhurst Avenue, St Annes, now living at Blackpool Road, Ansdell, pleaded not guilty to causing £50 of damage.

He was bailed to July 14 for trial.

Gillett must not go to the family home in Sandhurst Avenue as a condition of his bail.

Kishan Gohil, 28, drink driving

A team leader who hit a parked car in Blackpool was over the alcohol limit.

Kishan Gohil, 28, of Ribbleton Avenue, Ribbleton, Preston, a transport team leader at a company which delivers drugs to hospital and medical centres, pleaded guilty to drink-driving.

He was banned from the road for 12 months, fined £346 with £85 costs and ordered to pay £34 victims’ surcharge.

Prosecutor, Sarah Perkins, said police were called to an accident in the resort’s Berwick Road where Gohil had hit a parked car while driving a Vauxhall Corsa on May 6 at 11.30pm. A breath test showed 40 micrograms of alcohol in his body - 35 is the limit.

Brett Chappell, defending, said his client, who had no previous convictions, had been having a stressful time at work so he decided to go to Blackpool for a couple of drinks.

Gohil, who rarely drank, had two pints of lager and then decided to drive home.

He was squeezing through a gap on an unfamiliar road when he clipped a parked car.

Gohil was ashamed and embarrassed about what he had done.

Richard Parker, 39, assault

A man spat directly in the face of his girlfriend of five days after they had drinks at her home.

Richard Parker, 39, of Vance Road, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to assault.

He was given a 12 months conditional discharge and ordered to pay £50 compensation with £85 costs plus £20 victims’ surcharge.

Prosecutor, Sarah Perkins, told magistrates that Parker’s girlfriend said they had been in a relationship five days when on May 3 they had drinks at her home and he became aggressive, making snide remarks.

She accused him of being on drugs and he put his face up to hers and spat in her face.

Martin Hillson, defending, said Parker’s girlfriend had asked him to go out and get some more drinks. She was annoyed because he had taken so long.

Parker said she had then punched him on the ear causing it to bleed.

He accepted he then spat at her.

Parker had no intention of resurrecting their relationship.

Christian Harris, 47, possessing cocaine

A man accused of possessing cocaine at Blackpool has made his first appearance at court.

Christian Harris, 47, of South Square, Blackpool, had his case adjourned.