Asbo teen’s seafront ban

Danny Bee, 16, who has been given an ASBO in Fleetwood.
Danny Bee, 16, who has been given an ASBO in Fleetwood.

A FLEETWOOD teenage thug has been banned from areas of the town after residents on his estate complained about his loutish and intimidating behaviour.

Police said 16-year-old Danny Bee, of Avon Green, was continually abusing terrified residents on the Warren Farm Estate as well as holidaymakers in the port.

He was described as being a “nightmare” for local residents, prompting the police to take his case to court.

The teenager has now been given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) banning him from hanging around on parts of the seafront and from possessing alcohol anywhere in Wyre.

Fleetwood police officer PC Kev Berry, who is the community beat manager for Warren ward, said Asbos were a useful option for police in this kind of situation.

He said: “This lad was an anti-social nightmare for people in living or spending time in the Warren Farm area of Fleetwood.

“Danny’s behaviour has often been frightening and intimidating for residents out walking dogs or taking a stroll along the front or for those visitors enjoying the family activities on offer in this area. “The police thought it necessary to apply for an Asbo to protect the community and we are extremely pleased with the result.”

The police presented magistrates at Fleetwood with a catalogue of evidence detailing the teen’s outrageous behaviour, which included shouting abusive comments at passers-by, climbing on roofs and other drunken disorder.

The bench agreed to pass the order.

Under the Asbo the youngster has been warned about his anti-social behaviour and is banned from areas such as the seafront, Marine Lake, Boating Lake the cemetery and a seafront play area.

The teenager is also barred from the area around Sylvia Way and is further prohibited from possessing alcohol within the borough of Wyre.

PC Berry added: “If PCSOs tried to deal with him be became very offensive in terms of the language he used to the officers.

“If he continues to cause these kind of problems for people we can then go back and ask for further restrictions to be placed on him by the court.”