Anger at lane block caused by fly-tipper

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The driver of a lorry which was used to dump enough waste on a Wyre lane to fill the entire width of the road is being hunted by police.

Staynall Lane, in Stalmine, was closed last night after a pile of rubbish was left which made it impossible for vehicles to pass.

Stalmine parish councillor June Jackson said: “A flat-back truck with black sides, a white cab and an orange light on top was seen coming down Staynall Lane.

“It turned around and went back down the lane and tipped what we think is a load of asbestos and completely blocked the lane.”

She said residents in the area were understandably frustrated as it has become a “fly-tipping blackspot”.

Neighbours have to put up with around two incidents a month and this is not the first time a whole road has been blocked, she added.

Coun Jackson said: “The more people come forward the better chance Wyre Council has of bringing a prosecution.”

Wyre Council was alerted to the blockage and closed the road to allow the waste to be removed.

The council said last night it was hoping to re-open the road at some point today.

A spokesman added: “It has caused a great deal of inconvenience for the residents as well as officer time to clear it away that could have been better spent elsewhere.”

The council confirmed an investigation is underway. Anyone with information should call (01253) 891000.

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