20mph speed limit driving motorists round the bend

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Motorists have been left flummoxed by new 20mph speed limits which have been brought into force on part of the Fylde coast.

Most of the roads in Fleetwood are included in Lancashire County Council’s plans to slash speed limits in a bid to reduce the number of accidents.

The scheme is currently being rolled out – but there is growing confusion over which streets are included in the scheme and concerns over variations in the limit along stretches of the same road.

Fleetwood resident Neil Hendry said: “Why have they made Fleetwood Road a 20mph from the roundabout but have 30 signs when you join it from Flakefleet Avenue?

“Whoever put the signs up have not thought it through. Twenty miles an hour around schools is a good idea but to blanket it through the town where there has been minimal accidents is a bit much. It’s going to make people irate.”

And Marie Grassie, a mum who lives in the town, said: “The signs are quite small there needs to be a larger sign stating new speed limit in force. As you drive past the Nautical College one sign says 30 and then about 10 metres further on there’s a 20 sign.”

Lancashire County Council had wanted to put a blanket 20mph limit on the town, like many other parts of Wyre.

But Fleetwood Town Council managed to negotiate changes to that plan.

And the speed limits have been welcomed by Fleetwood Development Partnership, which produced a petition against the blanket 20mph plan.

Spokesman Bob Boal said: “We had objections to a blanket 20mph but we managed to make them see sense. I have seen the new 20mph signs appearing around the town but it made sense to keep Broadway, which is a main arterial road, at 30mph.

“Outside schools there are already limits with flashing signs to make motorists take note. It’s common sense outside schools.”

But Fleetwood resident Margaret Blake said: “No one seems to be paying any mind to the restrictions which is not right at all. There are too many people driving much to fast on the roads into town.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “The situation is that Chatsworth Avenue, Grange Road and Poulton Road are included within the Fleetwood North West scheme which is awaiting construction. There are no current plans to put a 20mph speed limit on Beach Road.”