12 years for knife attacker

David Egan who attacked his estranged wife with a Stanley knife
David Egan who attacked his estranged wife with a Stanley knife

A MAN who carried out a “savage and brutal” knife attack on his wife in front of their children has been jailed for 12 years.

A jury cleared David Egan of attempting to murder his former partner, but found him guilty of wounding her with intent to cause grievous bodily harm at her home in Boothroyden, North Shore, as well as threatening to kill her new partner.

Preston Crown Court heard she would have bled to death but for the quick actions of rescuers following the attack in April.

Egan, 42, had had an access visit to see the children on April 7 which seemed to go well. But the defendant, of Ettrick Avenue, Fleetwood, returned and attacked her.

The court heard Mrs Egan still suffers psychological trauma as a result of what happened and has continuing mobility problems.

The previous month, Egan had left his wife to live with his mother and she began a new relationship.

Bunty Batra, defending, said: “It was an over reaction to the events which had been building up inside him for weeks, leading up to that day and on the day itself. He reacted spontaneously to things said at the time.

“The defendant does genuinely regret his actions.

“This was an isolated incident which was wholly out of character for him.”

The barrister said Egan had been a loving and caring husband.

His partner had three children from a previous relationship and they had one child together.

He had loved all the children as his own and provided for them throughout the relationship.

Mr Batra added: “He clearly had real difficulty in coming to terms with the relationship coming to an end and more so, the speed at which she had formed a new relationship.”

During his trial, Egan told the jury he had not meant to badly injure his partner although he accepted that he had.

Jailing Egan, Judge Anthony Russell QC told him it seemed jealousy was the main cause of what had happened that evening.

He added: “It was, in my view, a savage and brutal attack which consisted of you slashing her with a Stanley knife many times. The evidence in the trial was that 15 to 20 blows made contact.

“This is a very bad case which calls for a substantial prison sentence.”

After the hearing, Det Sgt Jane Atkinson, of Blackpool Police, said: “This was an unprovoked and vicious attack, witnessed by several young children who were left traumatised by what they saw.

“Egan was unable to control his anger about his domestic situation and he targeted that rage at his estranged wife. Officers attending the address were shocked at the scene they were faced with and the victim is incredibly lucky not to have lost her life.

“Violence is never the answer and acting in anger has led to Egan being placed behind bars.

“This is a lot safer for his victims and the community.

“We are committed to ensuring that violent offenders go to prison and that their victims receive the help and support they need to obtain justice and move forward from the trauma they have suffered.”