Crime victim’s call for better police communication

Pricewise in Lord Street, Fleetwood.
Pricewise in Lord Street, Fleetwood.

A Fleetwood businessman who has suffered repeat attacks of vandalism to vehicles says Fleetwood Police should be doing more to support traders.

Archie Abbott, proprietor of Pricewise Newsagents in Lord Street, woke to find all four tyres slashed on his Mercedes van but he says that although angered by the incident, he is more disappointed in the communication with police.

He said: “I reported the incident straight away and was told an officer would visit me. It was Tuesday or Wednesday the following week before someone finally came to see me.

“When I first logged the incident I gave all the details but nothing was done because there was no line of enquiry. We have been told to report even the smallest incident but we feel there is no point. We need to see the police more, they don’t communicate.”

The incident happened between 10pm on October 9 and 8am on October 10 on Warrenhurst Road.

Eight months ago two other vehicles belonging to Mr Abbott, who has lived and worked in Fleetwood for six years, were attacked by vandals, this time with paint stripper. Both vehicles were written off by insurers.

Fleetwood geographic Inspector Steve Bell expressed his concern that Mr Abbott was disappointed and wanted to reassure him that police were investigating the incident.

He said: “Information was recorded quickly when Mr Abbott first reported the crime. At that time there were no more lines of enquiry identified, nothing was seen, heard or recorded on CCTV but we were aware of his report and, once reviewed, neighbourhood police officers went to see him.

“I am disappointed that Mr Abbott isn’t happy but we want to support him and we are making investigations and working with Wyre Borough Council to check CCTV 
footage. We are appealing to the community of Fleetwood to assist us. Mr Abbott is a repeat victim of damage and this is unacceptable.

“Someone must know who is doing this. Anyone with any information please contact us on 101 or anonymously on 0800 555 111.”