Crime review shows fewer incidents

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Inspector Nigel Greenwood oversees policing in Fleetwood. Each month he will be telling readers about issues that have been affecting the community and how the police have been working towards resolving them.

Well the year is drawing to a close now (it’s probably worth noting here that we run the years April to April in keeping with most public services) and we have seen some significant improvements over the last 12 months.

Reports of all crime in Wyre have fallen by around four per cent, meaning there were just over 200 fewer victims of crime.

We’ve had 140 fewer reports of damage across Fleetwood and anti-social behaviour (ASB) has also been cut considerably and was down by 1,000 incidents when compared to two years ago.

While ASB was generally low in Fleetwood in February, it was quite high in the Chatsworth area. We identified this rise very early and made some very robust arrests and other interventions.

Alcohol and underage drinking is often a cause of ASB and our actions included working with Wyre Council to suspend the licence to sell alcohol of one shop for a month and another received a warning letter for suspected licence breaches.

The coming year will hold many challenges for us all, especially to further reduce what are now very low crime and ASB rates.

It will be our intention to continue to focus our attention on people and places that are targeted by crime and ASB and resolve those issues, while protecting those that are most vulnerable.

We seem to be going through a spell of warmer weather at the moment so if you are out and about in your gardens, make sure you lock away any tools or equipment when you are done. Lock doors and windows when you leave your house and consider fitting security devices such as alarms and lighting.

Please keep letting us know of your concerns and suspicions.

You can contact us at your local PACT meetings, by coming into a local police station or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.