Couple’s charity bid

Richard Christy and Michelle Crook with their little boy, Ethan.
Richard Christy and Michelle Crook with their little boy, Ethan.

PROUD Fleetwood parents Richard Christy and Michelle Crook are on a mission.

They want to publicise the work of charity the Down’s Syndrome Association and raise some funds for it.

The couple’s own little boy, one year old Ethan Christy, has Down’s Syndrome and the couple looked to the charity for guidance themselves after their son was diagnosed with the condition.

Tomorrow (Thursday) night they are staging a charity night at the Wyre Light pub, London Street, Fleetwood, to raise awareness and funds.

The event, which begins at 8pm and continues until late, will include a giant raffle with numerous prizes, and live music from popular band The JEPS.

Richard, 30, of Littlewood, Fleetwood told the Weekly News: “Ethan is a lovely little lad and we’re really proud of him.

“When people have a child with any kind of condition, it really helps them if there is some sort of charity that can give them advice and support.

“That’s why we are holding the charity night.”

The couple also have a daughter, Suzanne.

Down’s Syndrome is caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome, but the effects vary according to each individual.

Little Ethan also has a hole in the heart and will need an operation at some stage, but he is a fighter!

For more information phone the Down’s Syndrome hotline on 0845 2300372 or visit