Council jobs face axe in funding cuts

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JOBS are to be axed at Wyre Borough Council in a bid to save cash.

Twenty three jobs are under threat, some of which are vacant positions, but eleven jobs will certainly go.

The news has been broken to staff at Wyre Council and councillors will meet on Thursday to make a final decision.

A full and formal consultation with unions is now underway.

The cull is being made in an effort to plug some of the £1.3m gap left by the Government’s funding cuts.

The cuts could also see the position of deputy chief executive and five director roles axed, making a saving of £312,000.

The senior staff will have to fight for three new superposts or face redundancy.

Wyre Council leader Coun Peter Gibson said the number of compulsory redundancies is relatively small.

He added: “We need to look at making savings across the whole council to cope with the budget deficit, whilst protecting the public purse, and by doing things differently this can be achieved.

“I do feel for those affected and their families but the number of compulsory redundancies is actually relatively small at eleven.

“ You have to take different things into consideration such as vacant posts, early retirement and so on.

Residents have my assurance these staff savings will not impact on services.”

Coun Gibson said the staff savings would not have an impact on public services such as the funding for Police Community Support Officers.

He said: “ The money PCSOs has not come from staff redundancies.

“It has already been included in the council’s budget with money previously allocated to this therefore no additional funding is required from elsewhere.

“Local people told us they really valued the work of the PCSOs so despite funding pressures we released this money to pay for 20 on the streets of Wyre. Reducing crime and fear of crime is a priority.”

Chief executive Donna Hall said the changes would encourage ‘ one team’, ‘ one council’.