Council backing for skatepark proposal

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A CALL by Fleetwood youngsters and local mums for a skatepark in Fleetwood has been taken up by local councillors.

Fleetwood Town Council member, Coun Terry Rogers, and Wyre council member, Coun Emma Anderton, both saw last week’s front page story in the Weekly News.

Coun Rogers said he was impressed with what teenager Adam Roskell and Fleetwood mum Sharon Bailey had to say about the town needing such a facility.

The campaigners argued that Fleetwood, a town of nearly 30,000 people, was missing out and they had already raised the issue through Facebook.

Now Coun Rogers says he will champion the issue and ensure it is on the Fleetwood Town Council agenda, starting with the council’s forthcoming meeting at the North Euston Hotel on Tuesday next week, at 7pm.

Coun Rogers told the Weekly News: “I think they have made a fair point. Wyre Council says there is nothing in the budget for the next two years, but may consider it after that time. I think that is too long to wait and this thing should be looked at as soon as possible, in terms of available land, possible funding and other issues.

“The people Fleetwood are calling for a skatepark, and I think they should get it. I think perhaps £20,000 could get something done. It’s up to the town council, of course, but it is a cause I will champion.I hope to see some of the mums and even young people at the meeting.”

Coun Anderton has been looking into the issue since October through an initiative called the Warren ward action plan and believes the sunken car park on Fleetwood Promenade would be a perfect location.

She said: “We all need to get together, form a committee and look at how we can make it happen.”

The Weekly News has also made contact with an organisation called Wheelscape, a business which builds skate parks across the country, and liaises directly with communities and giving advice on funding bids.

Wheelscape’s Russell Heideman said: “I would like someone involved in this to tell me about their ideas.”

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