Community united behind a skatepark

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A CAMPAIGN has been launched calling for Fleetwood to have its own skate park.

Mums have joined forces with local teenagers to try to put a Fleetwood facility on local council agendas.

They say other towns like Cleveleys and Bispham have small council-backed areas where youngsters can gather with rollerblades, skateboards, scooters and even BMX bikes – but Fleetwood is missing out.

Campaigner Adam Roskell, 18, says a small park like the one at Jubilee Gardens in Cleveleys would make a massive difference to youngsters in Fleetwood. And mums Julie Lee and Sharon Bailey have become involved in a Facebook campaign also calling for such an amenity in the town.

Wyre Council agrees they have a strong case, but says the council budget is already committed for the next two years, but a leading councillor has said they may look at skate board provision after that.

Mum-of-four Sharon Bailey, 47, of The Esplanade, argued that the town shouldn’t be missing out, saying: “There is a desperate need for a skate park in Fleetwood. It’s ridiculous we don’t have one, with the number of youngsters in this town. It would be so beneficial in so many ways.”

Rollerblader Adam, 18, of Byron Avenue, contacted the Weekly News to highlight the issue. He said: “I realised how much demand there is for something like this after Fleetwood Kite Shop installed a small 3ft metal ramp outside their store on the prom last summer.

“I think if Wyre Borough Council brought about a similar facility in Fleetwood, particularly along the sea front under their Sea Change improvements banner, it would give them somewhere to go and encourage them to become more active and healthy.”

Former councillor Mark Hamer, who campaigned for a skate park, said: “I especially welcome the fact that the young people of Fleetwood are promoting these ideas themselves.

Coun Lynne Bowen, Cabinet member with responsibility for sport and leisure said: “I commend Adam for his vision and enthusiasm for improving his community. He has made a very good case for a skate park in principle and we agree it would be an asset for the town’s young people. We have provided skate parks in other areas of the borough and they have proved very popular.

“Wyre Council has spent almost £350,000 on children’s recreation facilities in Fleetwood over the last three years, however the current budget has been committed for the next two years and doesn’t include provision of a skate park in Fleetwood.

“Having said that, it is certainly a proposal that we will consider for future years if funding can be identified.

“We are always happy to hear the views and suggestions of residents. People can have their say on leisure facilities in the borough by taking part in our current leisure review.

Complete our online questionnaire at or pick up a printed version from any of the council’s leisure centres and other community venues.”

There are now several skateboard campaign pages on Facebook, including this one.