Club vaulting ahead in town success story

Head coach Sarah Oxley
Head coach Sarah Oxley

It’s one of Fleetwood’s big success stories, Gym Mania has been in Fleetwood for just over 12 months giving the town’s young people a fantastic and much needed gymnastics centre.

In that time it has grown so much that extra volunteer coaches are now needed to expand.

Head coach Sarah Oxley, who is also a primary school teacher, said: “We are desperate for some more coaches, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got any experience, we just want enthusiasm.

Sarah set up the gym in Poulton nine years ago, but its popularity meant she had to find new premises and she decided to come to Fleetwood.

It’s run entirely as a community interest group and relies on volunteer coaches, including junior coaches, to teach youngsters the principles of gymnastics with the emphasis firmly on fun.

Grace Creighton, 16, who has been volunteering at the club since 2009 and is a Level 1 coach added: “It’s an amazing and fun experience showing how gymnastics is more than just a sport. Other people should take part in such experiences and at Gym Mania as its a great opportunity! Volunteering at Gym Mania is a great way of getting involved in gymnastics whether you are a teen or adult, and I’m sure that if people even try and volunteer at Gym Mania they will see how rewarding and fun it is. Gym Mania is unique. Our ethos, atmosphere and passion are like no other.”

“Being voluntary managed our priority is on our members and we reinvest all profits into the club in the purchase of new equipment.”

Many children who come to Gym Mania have tried other sports or gymnastics classes and have not settled whilE here they have fun - it’s simply like no other!

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