Club tycoon's million pound plan for new Blackpool venue

The biggest name in Blackpool night clubbing history is back on the scene with plans to open a state-of-the-art £1.3m venue.

Monday, 25th April 2016, 10:35 am
Updated Monday, 25th April 2016, 1:53 pm
The Syndicate Nightclub, Blackpool

The Nordwind family, who famously ran the huge Syndicate club, today spoke about their new plan to create a “high end triple venue” in Talbot Square.

And Mark Nordwind said the 1,750 capacity, Home and Headquarters incorporating The Urban Lounge venue is set to put Blackpool back on the national clubbing map.

He said with current developments in the Talbot Square area and the new tram link, his family’s new venue, on the site of former Rumours and Nyx site, could help make the area the nightlife hub of the Fylde Coast.

He said: “We want to do this for the town, for the people here, it will help rejuvenate the nightlife scene. This is going to be a destination event space with top name DJ’s and three different music scenes.

“Its very exciting we have the team back together, with mum and dad (Sandra and Mike Nordwind) and Jason Fubar who has been with us since 1993, on every project we have done.”

He said the family had been concentrating on their property portfolio since selling the Syndicate in 2006.

But now he said the time was right to open a city-style venue in Blackpool.

He said: “For me and the family it’s all about timing. There’s a time to invest and a time to sell, and this is the right time for this sort of venue in Blackpool.

“People are crying out for it. The Blackpool people know their music and they want this sort of thing.

“The days of the super clubs are gone. This is nothing like the Syndicate. This is no-where near that size and will have a more exclusive clientele.”

Fellow director Jason Fubar said: “Since 2011 there has been a huge gap in the market .

“We are looking to be a little bit more high end, great music, big names, great service plush surroundings.

“There is a lack of twin and triple scene venues at the moment, one destination offering two or three types of music .”

Mark Nordwind said: “We are going to be bringing a city feel back to Blackpool.

“The basement is going to be The Urban Lounge and have that city vibe with R&B and dancehall music but bringing it into the 21st Century.

The Ground floor is to be called Home. It will be a city bar, similar to what you find in Spinningfields Manchester, very plush and classy, table service, booths with a relaxed atmosphere early in the evening.

“We are looking to have live acoustic music, singers, saxophone, musicians playing along with the DJ.

“It will turn into a fusion club later in the evening with commercial house and dance music.

“Upstairs we will have Headquarters which will be an industrial venue with a warehouse feel. Blackpool people have not seen the top floor of that building for 30 years - it was not in use .

“We have got top of the range sound system being designed by Void, who will be well known to music fans. We are having a Void Nexus system on two floors - so exclusive that only three clubs in the country have it.

“So it will be big sounds big lights and the big DJs the top names who will bring people into town. In this business you have to have credibility and we will do that.

“This is a family project. Mum has the vision and design skills.

“She was behind all the good ideas at our previous venues, Mainstreet, The Business and The Syndicate. Dad has the business expertise and Jason has been with us as a DJ since the start. We are bringing the team back together.

“They say home is where the heart is and our Home is going to be something special for Blackpool. My Home is your home.”