Chippy’s helping to save the seas

Richardson's Fish Bar on Dock Street, Fleetwood.
Richardson's Fish Bar on Dock Street, Fleetwood.

A FLEETWOOD chippy has become a trendsetter in helping to save fish stocks.

Richardson’s on Dock Street is the first chip shop or restaurant in Lancashire to prove all its fish comes from sustainable sources.

And the certificate gained from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is only the seventh in the country granted to a fish and chip shop.

Owner Chris Richardson said: “You have to be able to show where the fish was caught, the trawler that caught it and the person who has supplied the fish to you to show that the fish is from sustainable sources.

“Preserving fish stocks is very important and this is all about making sure there are fish stocks for the future.”

Mr Richardson’s menu includes cod, haddock, hake and pollack as well as fish cakes and fish fingers for youngsters. Most of the supplies come from Norway which is not in the EU and runs its own fish conservation policy.