Cemetery toilets have opened again

The toilets at Fleetwood cemetery, which had been closed because of ongoing anti-social behaviour.
The toilets at Fleetwood cemetery, which had been closed because of ongoing anti-social behaviour.

WYRE Council has decided to re-open the toilets at Fleetwood’s cemetery after they were shut due to anti-social behaviour.

The authorities came under fire at Fleetwood Town Council when it was disclosed that the facilities had been locked – affecting those attending funerals as well as people from a nearby café.

There were fears the toilets would not be re-opened until next year, and Fleetwood Town Council voiced concerns about the closure at its meeting last week.

Town councillor Paul Treece-Birch said he had been told by a Wyre Council official it could be next year before the building re-opened.

However, by Monday this week the facilities had been re-opened. Fleetwood Town Council chairman Alan Marsh told the Weekly News: “It is good news that they have re-opened but they should never have been closed in the first place. It was an over-reaction.

“The sensible solution would be to keep them open during the day, when people have legitimate use of them, and close them at night.”

He added: “If the authorities decided to close toilets again, it would be nice of they could contact Fleetwood Town Council first and get the local opinion.”

Coun Tree-Birch said: “It seems too easy for Wyre Borough and the police to come to a decision to close the toilets.

“The toilets are sorely needed in this area.”

He added: “The nearest facilities are at the Marine Hall and that’s a hell of a trek.”

The owner of a café on nearby Princes Way had complained to him about the issue. A spokeswoman for Wyre Council said last week that the council and the police were looking into the issue, but with winter approaching it was thought that the demand for the facility would subside until next year.

She said: “The toilets have been temporarily closed while the council and the police discuss how to solve a problem with anti-social behaviour.

“It also gives the council an opportunity to look at ways of upgrading the facilities. With the summer season now drawing to a close, demand will decrease.”

Sgt Steve McQuillan, of Fleetwood police, confirmed there had been complaints of anti-social behaviour. He said: “We are aware of a number of incidents that have been reported and we are liaising with the local authority.

“There are several measures which have been put into place to reduce incidents of anti-social behaviour and we are increasing patrols.”