Cash-raising hopes

Coun Terry Rogers
Coun Terry Rogers

More cash could be on the way for Fleetwood, thanks to work at the port’s town council

Coun Terry Rogers says the council has so far raised more than £260,000 in precept payments from Fleetwood council tax payers over the past six years.

Fleetwood is one of the largest parish councils in the North West and the aim is to deliver on the huge potential we have

But plans to achieve accredited status this year will put the council in a better position to access even more funds, including Lottery grants.

Coun Rogers was talking after the recent elections saw new faces on the council bench.

He said: “People may once have questioned the point of Fleetwood Town Council but that is very much in the past now.

“We have pledged a vital £100,000 to the multi-million pound sea wall project at Rossall, helping guarantee the safety of hundreds of homes.

“We have contributed £20,000 which helped Fleetwood get its first ever skate park and a similar amount to the crest on the Mount.

“And we have helped countless small organisations in Fleetwood through donations over the last few years.

“Now we are well on our way to achieving accredited status this year which will help us do still more.”

Accredited Quality Status would make the town council eligible for greater powers, including funding bids.

The criteria includes qualifications gained by the town clerk, who is the only paid member of the council, the way the authority has handled its financial affairs and its positive involvement in the local community.

Coun Rogers said: “Fleetwood is one of the largest parish councils in the North West and the aim is to deliver on the huge potential we have.”

Before the elections, concerns were raised that the council was in danger of being politicised because of the large number of Labour candidates being put forward.

After voters went to the polls, all but two of the council’s current councillors were elected under a Labour banner.

But Coun Rogers said: “Some people have raised these concerns but the current council is only a reflection of what is happening in the town itself.

“Fleetwood overturned a slim Tory majority and now we have a Labour MP.

“Every councillor elected onto Wyre Council in Fleetwood was a Labour candidate.

“On my watch, party politics will be left at the door and all these councillors understand that and will act independently.”

Ken Browse, chairman of the National Association of Local Councils, said: “This status means the electorate and other organisations can feel confident they are dealing with a local council which has achieved what it takes to be a good council.”