Call to rename Knott End ferryboat in honour of Vivien Taylor

A suggestion to rename the Knott End ferryboat in honour of a councillor who campaigned to save the Wyre estuary crossing from sinking has prompted a debate.

Friday, 5th January 2018, 3:32 pm
Updated Friday, 5th January 2018, 3:35 pm
Tory candidate Peter Cartridge wants to name the Knott End ferry after Coun Vivien Taylor who died late last year

Conservative-run Lancashire County Council, which subsidises the ferry along with Wyre Council, recently agreed to resume the county’s financial commitment after the previous Labour administration pulled the plug on cash for the service.

County Hall is currently considering a memorial on the Knott End side of the river for former county and borough councillor and ‘Save our Ferry’ campaigner Vivien Taylor, who died in September.

Now Peter Cartridge, Conservative candidate in this week’s by-election to fill Miss Taylor’s seat on Wyre Council, has proposed changing the name of the ferryboat from ‘Wyre Rose’ to ‘Vivien.’

Coun Vivien Taylor

Mr Cartridge says he is floating the idea because “Vivien worked so hard to retain the ferry.”

The suggestion has received support from Knott End Coun Paul Moon and the idea is known to have the backing of a prominent County Hall politician.

There was support on a Facebook discussion for the idea, but there were critics.

Former Preesall Town mayor Coun Robert Drobny, wrote: “Why rename a ferry after a local politician? Seems like political spin to me. Just leave it as it is.”

Coun Vivien Taylor

Another poster said: “Wyre Rose is a lovely name for the ferry, I don’t see any reason to change it” while another pointed out it was unlucky for a boat’s name to be changed.

The pledge to keep the ferry service will see a new contract deal made public soon, along with a decision being made on the memorial to the late Cllr Taylor.

· The Preesall and Knott End by-election is to be held on Thursday, January 11. The candidates are Mr Cartidge (Conservative) and Mr Nic Fogg (Labour).