Busy year for town council

Fleetwood Town Council Clerk, Janet Purle.
Fleetwood Town Council Clerk, Janet Purle.

RESIDENTS attending the annual Fleetwood Town Meeting were given a run-down of the Town Council’s activities over the past 12 busy months.

And Town Council clerk Janet Purle believes the Fleetwood council’s involvement in local issues helped triple the public attendance compared to last year’s meeting.

She said after the meeting: “I think the public have seen that with the Town Council’s opposition to the pier site hotel plans and the tram substation, the call for consultation on dog control orders and the fact we have taken over the running of the allotments, we can make an impact.”

The public heard how the Town Council had boosted local events and organisations with grant donations such as £5,000 to Tram Sunday, £3,000 for a dance machine at Milton Youth Club and £1,000 to Fleetwood Civic Society, paid out of Fleetwood Council Tax payers’ precept payments.

The Town Council has also taken over the running of the Larkholme Lane allotments from Wyre Council and Coun Alan Marsh, chairman of the Town Council’s allotment committee, stressed that joint tenancy agreements on allotments could not be considered for reasons of fairness.

He explained: “We have 22 allotments and a waiting list of 70 people from Fleetwood.

“If allotments were passed from one family member to another, hardly anyone one on that long list would ever get a chance to take over an allotment.”

Guest speakers at the meeting were Margaret Daniels, chairman of Fleetwood Civic Society; Sgt Dave Blight from Fleetwood Police; and Danny O’Neill, on behalf of the Fleetwood 175 Committee.