Turn up to help promote tourism

Margaret Daniels, chairwoman of Fleetwood Civic Society, with Fleetwood Pier plans
Margaret Daniels, chairwoman of Fleetwood Civic Society, with Fleetwood Pier plans

A CALL has gone out for Fleetwood to unite to cash in on its tourism assets.

After local traders said they wanted new projects to bring life back to their businesses, the town’s civic society has invited them to join it in its continuing efforts to promote the town.

Chairwoman Margaret Daniels said: “This is exactly what the civic society has been saying for a long time. We believe Fleetwood still has a lot to offer, we just have to let people know about it.

“We have been working along  these line for a long time, to do our best to show Fleetwood off whenever possible and try to get Wyre Borough Council to treat us with the respect we deserve.”

The society’s next meeting is at the North Euston next Wednesday and Mrs Daniels would like any residents or groups interested in improving the town to attend.

Mrs Daniels added: “We all want the same thing – a better deal for Fleetwood so let’s all work together and pool our ideas. Recent history shows that when Fleetwood people do work together we are a force to be reckoned with.

“It seems a shame that everybody stands around asking the same thing when we could get together, especially when there is a meeting coming up. If we can get together and come up with ideas, we feel we can go places.”

The civic society has made a big effort to use the town’s heritage assets to get more people into the town.

Last year’s Heritage Open Days were the biggest ever.

Among those trying to do more is Steve Lynton, owner of the Granada Bar fish restaurant, who is pressing the county council to improve signs.

Derek Eaton, vice-chairman of Fleetwood Chamber of Trade, is campaigning for the area in Pharos Street, where the Upper Lighthouse stands in the road, to be made a town feature.