Transport fest needs helpers

Tram Sunday in Fleetwood
Tram Sunday in Fleetwood

Organisers of a major transport festival on the Fylde coast are looking for more volunteers to help maintain its success.

Tram Sunday, officially called the Fleetwood Festival of Transport, is one of the biggest spectacles in the town’s calendar and attracts thousands of people from across the North West into the town centre and promenade each summer.

The current committee re-formed the transport festival seven years ago and recently it has become more ambitious, including an extra element, the The SpareParts Arts Festival.

However as the event, to held this year on July 16, has expanded, so needs more volunteers, including those with some experience in aspects such as marketing, administration and tracking down new exhibits and attractions.

Dave Carlos, operations director for the event, said: “We have great volunteers at the moment, more than ever before, and they do an excellent job. However, we are now liaising with even more stakeholders for the event and we need a few more people. What we are looking for at the moment are retired people with management experience, people who have some spare time and a good deal of expertise and experience to offer. We meet once a month at the moment but would meet more often nearer to the event.”

Anyone interested should email: