Sewage work to cause year long delays


Work to repair sewers and replace septic tanks along two major roads will get under way today - signalling the start of 12 months of traffic disruption.

Drivers on the A586, Garstang Road, in Poulton, will face six months of delays from Monday as work begins to rid homes of out-of-date septic tanks, and alleviate sewage problems.

Work on Mains Lane, in Singleton, will immediately follow the Garstang Road construction, and last for a further six months.

United Utilities say the work is essential to help sewage issues, but community leaders have not taken kindly to the news temporary lights and traffic jams will soon become a common sight in their wards.

Coun Maxine Chew, Fylde Council’s Singleton and Greenhalgh councillor said: “United Utilities have been told by the Government and European Union that they have got to clean up the beaches.

“If the beaches fail the water quality test they will close the beaches or put signs up warning people not to swim in the sea, and as part of that they have to stop sewage getting into the dykes and river.

“After very heavy rain the sewage pipe that goes to Fleetwood is so overloaded they have to let the water go directly into the River Wyre, which eventually washes out to sea and ends up in bathing water.

“This system has to be put in and there will be traffic lights on Garstang Road, but that will have a huge impact on the people who use that road.

“It will certainly benefit the people of Fylde by getting the sewage to the treatment works, but we are going to have to put up with a huge amount of traffic disruption, which will add time to every journey and cause problems to motorists and residents.”