Seafront work under way for summer

Machinery used to destone Fleetwood beach
Machinery used to destone Fleetwood beach

The rain might be lingering on, but work is already under way to get Fleetwood beach looking pristine for the summer season.

Next month, 10 new beach huts will be built on a piece of spare land close to the Marine Hall, a welcome addition to the existing huts which already thrive in the summer.

The hut scheme was open to bidders who snapped up the opportunity to pay a 10-year lease either by way of a single payment for instalments – and they are all local residents.

Coun Alan Vincent, cabinet member with responsibility for assets at Wyre Council gave the scheme the final seal of approval this week. He said: “We were confident that these bungalows would sell.

“They are a seaside tradition that suit Fleetwood well, and create that nostalgic feel of a family day at the beach.

“Combined with other improvements we’ve made to the seafront of late, and the developments still to come courtesy of the Coastal Communities Fund, Fleetwood’s coastline is fast becoming a very attractive destination for visitors.

“It’s also encouraging that all the bidders were from the local area, showing that residents also consider the beach a real community asset.”

While work gets under way to build the huts, Wyre Council is busy preparing the beach, combing it and removing debris following the stormy winter.

They are focusing on small alterations that make a big difference to people’s enjoyment.

The jobs include resurfacing the promenade, from the old pier site to the car park opposite the Mount pub, and putting up better signage.

Work to smooth out the joints on the promenade path up to Rossall Beach is also being done, to improve the ride for cyclists.

The sand on the beach near the Marine Hall has been raked, a process that has been repeated a few times already, and from now on it will be raked every week.

Using the council’s own machinery, stones have been collected which have been used to replenish the sea defences in Cleveleys.

The council estimates 150 to 220 tonnes of stones have been removed.