Plans change leads to pier ruling delay

The hotel proposed for the Fleetwood Pier site and (below) site owner Mike Simmons.
The hotel proposed for the Fleetwood Pier site and (below) site owner Mike Simmons.
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A DECISION over the Fleetwood Pier site could be delayed until April.

The proposed plans for a hotel were to go before Wyre’s planning committee, but now the plans are to be changed.

Mike Simmons

Mike Simmons

However when the controversial plans are considered, a meeting will still be held at the Marine Hall to allow maximum public participation.

A scheme for the hotel has been with Wyre since November.

But Stephen Kilmartin, of SDMK Design, which drew them up, said they would now be amended.

He declined to say what would be changed.

But he did say: “It was a decision made by us after we met the local authority to discuss a lot of objections and concerns that have been raised.

“We want to attempt to address those concerns.”

Objectors who will speak at the planning committee are being co-ordinated by Fleetwood Town Council.

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Council chairman, Coun Alan Marsh, said: “If the plans are going to change, we will have to look at it again.

“We have a number of people ready to speak at the planning committee.

“We would have been ready next week.

“I was going to speak on the economic impact and there were people from the civic society and others who were ready to speak.

“We will be ready when they bring it on.”

A planning application from Simmo Developments was turned down in November 2010 at a meeting at the Marine Hall.

It was said the four-storey artdeco-style project would have been “alien and incongruous” and “overbearing” for nearby properties.

There was also a lot of conconcern over provisions for parking.

Simmo put in a fresh plan a year later for a two-storey building with 18 bedrooms rather than the 42 in the original plan.

Chairman of the planning committee, Coun David Henderson, said: “I can confirm the plans will be amended.

“The soonest it will be considered now is April.

“We want to give adequate time for the plans to go on display in the public library where people can have a look at them.

“The planning meeting will be at the Marine Hall again. “It’s only right and fair thing to do.

“If you have a big application where there is a lot of interest you must give it proper justice.

“We are going to show the people of Fleetwood our concern and that we want it aired properly – there are so many people who have shown interest.”

Fleetwood Pier burnt down in September 2008.

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