Mentoring makes for success

Blackpool business leader Steve Pye tells it like it is
Blackpool business leader Steve Pye tells it like it is

I have a favourite quote that I use during student presentations regarding career or business advice:- “We are who we are by imitation”.

The point I try to make is that everything we say, everything we do and everything we achieve in life is due to the fact that we have had people to help and advise us through our life, parents, grandparents, family, friends, guardians, teachers, managers, coaches and mentors.

We try to copy and emulate people we admire because we are impressed and want to have what they have, or want to be as successful or as famous as them. The problem is if you hang out with people who have low or illegal aspirations it is easy to copy them and be dragged into a world of misery and failure.

If you look at successful people they have a number of things in common with each other. They are single minded, have objectives, and mix with other successful people.

But most of all they will have had the support of experts and experienced people who have guided and helped them to be successful.

People do make mistakes, but successful people learn from them and pass that experience on through mentoring people who are keen to learn.

One of the most rewarding and enjoyable things in life that anyone can provide is giving something back to the community without seeking grace or favour.

We are currently supporting students in Blackpool Schools and Colleges with work experience and Enterprise Clubs.

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