Green light for fish park

Ambitious plans for a Fleetwood fish and food park have been given the green light thanks to a £2.5m cash grant, it has been announced.

A jubilant Eric Ollerenshaw, Fleetwood’s MP who campaiged vigorously for the project, said the Regional Growth Fund grant from the Governmment will provide a massive boost for the town with up to 150 new jobs.

He said of the news: “I am delighted, it has been worth the wait. This will unlock further money and lead to news jobs and regeneration for Fleetwood.”

Now Fleetwood’s already thriving fish process and selling businesses will be in line for a relocation to new state-of-the art premises on land south of Fleetwood docks.

The news also kick starts another project - an innovative £60m energy recovery plant which will operate on an adjacent site and use recyclable waste to power the fish park’s refrigeration system.

Reform Energy plc’s plans were first given planning permission in 2011 but only now can this scheme, cited by the company a key element in the economic case for the fish park, press ahead with 40 new jobs in prospect.

The bid for cash was put in by Reform Energy for the fish park itself, strongly endorsed by Mr Ollerenshaw and Wyre Council.

Mr Ollerenshaw says it will mean the already multi-million pound fish industry can expect up to 150 new jobs, in what he calls the “Billingsgate of the North”.

The Lancaster and Fleetwood MP said: “It’s wonderful news for Fleetwood. It has taken 10 years to happen but it has been worth fighting for.

“By taking these businesses out of their dilapidated premises, they will be able to expand by around 25 per cent and there will be a significant knock-on effect for trade and growth.

“This scheme is more than a fish and food park, it will carry with it so much regeneration for Fleetwood, especially around the docks.”

And Coun Pete Murphy, Wyre’s economy portfolio holder, said: “It’s fabulous news for Fleetwood and for Wyre.

“This will lead to retail jobs, building jobs and even tourism jobs and establish Fleetwood as a place to go for business.

“It’s a win win situation all round and is extremely welcome.”

The good news comes exactly a week after a key fact-finding visit to Fleetwood by Penny Mordaunt, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

The minister, who oversees the funding, said at the time she was highly impressed with the Fleetwood project’s potential and the way sectors of the community were already working together.

The fish industry in Fleetwood already generates £135m, and employs more than 600 people, making it the town’s single biggest form of industry.

It sees fish caught in other areas, mainly Scotland, brought into the town by road and prepared in Fleetwood for markets all over Britain and also abroad.

Those in the industry itself previouysly stated they would welcome the news.

Paul Wilson, who owns Oban Fish Selling in Wyre Dock, said: “It can only be good thing.

“Having all the merchants together in new decent premises would be really good.”

John Potter, spokesman for Reform Energy plc said: “Fleetwood will become one of the leading locations in the UK for energy recovery technology, and Reform Energy intends to use the plant as a showpiece for other generation and regeneration projects across the region.

“The energy recovery system chosen by Reform is designed to efficiently use waste material from commercial sources that would otherwise only be disposed of to landfill.” Sophisticated technology and management of the site by our expert team will mean little or no local impact but enormous benefits in terms of green energy and new employment.

“This development will bring a new economic energy to Fleetwood with the creation of the fish park and also addresses two issues dominating the green agenda - delivering more energy generation from sustainable resources and reducing waste going to landfill.”